Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between Belding Dry Cleaners and other cleaners, aren’t all cleaners the same?

A: No. There are many differences between all dry cleaners. Most cleaners work in volume delivering a mass produced product at a cheap price, no knowledge of finer or unlabeled garments and undereducated management. Often times these “volume” cleaners have been known to not even clean the clothing. Belding Cleaners does less volume only at a higher price delivering the highest possible quality to it’s customers. By doing less work the focus is turned towards each individual customer. with our professionalism at the counter, expertise with any and all types of garments, years of experience and knowledgeable staff and management we separate ourselves from the common dry cleaners.

Q: Should I always follow the care instructions on the garment’s care label?

A: No. Manufacturers realize that consumers don’t like paying for dry cleaning so they make the garment appealing to the consumer by putting easy care instructions on the label. The consumer then takes those instructions and often ruins the clothing entirely or at the very least the garment looks lifeless and dull.

Q: Is dry cleaning good or bad for my clothing?

A: It is very good in fact for your clothing. Depending on the dry cleaners you take your clothes to, they can and should be able to keep your clothes soft, vibrant and in the same shape as when you first bought them. On the contrary to popular belief, washing clothing with water is one of the worst thing you can do with your clothes, excluding undergarments. Washing is very rough on fabric, strips the garment of its rich dye and vibrant colors and often times leaves the garment with a stiff feeling. Dry cleaning clothes is the absolute opposite, especially when taken to professionals in quality, Belding Cleaners.

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