Handbag & Purse Cleaning Service

Cleaning of Leather, Satin, Suede, and Fabric Handbags​

In a recent study, scientists found that purses contained nearly the most germs of all things we use and touch in our everyday lives. Why expose yourself to armful germs when you can let us clean your purse disinfecting it on the inside and out and bringing it back to a nearly new appearance. From fancy to plain, designer or suede, Belding Cleaners’ purse cleaning service can keep your purses and handbags looking new.

We are one of the only cleaners in the Grosse Pointe and Metro Detroit that has perfected processes to effectively clean Handbags and Purses. Belding uses environmentally friendly cleaning products that will not leave sells residue or hurt your valuable items.

You will be delighted with our purse cleaning and repair services. At Belding we know that we provide the best cleaning and purse repair in the Detroit Metro area.

From Coach, Prada, Luis Vuitton to Chanel, Kate Spade and all others, we are the only cleaners that you can trust to restore your favorite handbags and purses to their original look & feel.

Purse Cleaning
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